By Curves

It’s a given that resistance training builds muscle and physical strength. Perhaps less obvious are the ways that it strengthens your mood and mind.


Researchers at the University of Georgia did an extensive review of studies—specifically, randomized controlled trials–that looked at the relationship between resistance training and its effect on mental wellbeing. They concluded that regular strength work may produce the following positive outcomes:

  • calm anxiety
  • reduce depression, particularly in those who are clinically depressed
  • improve sleep
  • enhance cognition and memory
  • raise self-esteem

You can learn more here: http://www.ideafit.com/fitness-library/resistance-training-improves-mental-healthstudies



Strength training, like aerobic activity, also promotes the release of feel-good endorphins and raises your level of energy to help drive all the activities of your life.


One of the most powerful mood boosters you reap with regular resistance training is greater self-satisfaction. Every 30-minute workout on the Curves circuit is an accomplishment. And with every week that you complete those workouts, you get a little stronger. Over time, you’ll find that everything you do, from carrying groceries to playing with your kids in the backyard to your morning walks with friends around the neighborhood, becomes easier and more enjoyable. And, you’ll notice new muscle tone in your arms, legs, and abs. You’ll feel really good about you.


To cultivate that stronger self-esteem and all of the mood- and mind-boosting benefit of your Curves workouts, follow these five tips:


  1. To benefit from the mood-boosting effects of resistance training, you need to do it consistently and regularly. Mark your calendar with three or four Curves workouts a week and treat them like appointments with your doctor—not to be missed.
  2. Make plans to work out with a friend. Strength-training with a buddy keeps you accountable, and it adds to the fun.
  3. Consider CurvesSmart®*. This program uses a computer to track your optimal effort on each machine as set by you and your coach. It’s challenging, and facing and meeting that challenge provides a real boost to your self-esteem.
  4. Enjoy the moment. You know that good feeling you get at the end of every workout? That combination of accomplishment and endorphins? Revel in it.
  5. Meet weekly with your Curves consultant to review your progress toward your goals and celebrate every accomplishment. Success is one of the best mood-boosters of all.



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